Substituting Yarn

A lot of other yarns will work with my patterns as long they have a similar weight and yardage. In addition, the yarn shouldn't be too fuzzy. If you substitute yarn, please make sure to use the same quality, that means 4-ply or 2-ply. If both qualities will work with the pattern, I usually specify that in the pattern. Especially my lace patterns do not always work with 4-ply.

Below I listed the yardage of each quality per 100 grams, which will hopefully make it easier to find a substitute yarn.

Wollmeise Yarn

please note I am not a re-seller of Wollmeise Yarn.
If you like to purchase the yarn, please visit the
Wollmeise shop

The yarn I mainly use for my designs, is dyed up by Claudia Hoell-Wellmann as known as the Wollmeise, a highly talented dye artist. Once you try it, you will become a fan. The colors are deep, intense and unique.

Wollmeise offers three yarn qualities:
Pure 100 % wool (merino)
4-ply, 525 m / 574 yds per 150 g skein

That means 350 m / 383 yds per 100 g

The yarn was formerly known as Wollmeise 100 % merino super wash, but Wollmeise changed that name. The quality kept the same.
Lace yarn
100 % wool, sold as 300 g skeins.

Each skein has 1591 m / 1740 yds.
That means 530 m / 580 yds per 100 g
Sock yarn (Twin)
I use it only for sock knitting, but I am a poor sock knitter. The yarn is perfect for sock knitting but it won't hold its blocking for shawls, scarves and so on.
Unfortunately the shop is empty quite often. There are weekly online shop updates and the yarn is sold out very quickly. For more information how to get the yarn, I highly recommend reading the FAQ of the Wollmeise shop site.

They also have a local yarn shop in Pfaffenhofen/Bayern, Germany. Please note the opening dates!

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